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Faith No More is going on tour.

Not in the states, but it's still huge.

Faith No fucking More.

All they ask is that you share a story of a time that you made a meal for someone, someone made a meal for you, or anytime you simply ate food with someone. It's so effin' simple, and a whole meal will be donated to America's Second Harvest, who provides food to shelters and food banks.

You can share hundreds of stories.. even two or three sentences long. That's a lot of food for the hungry for less than one minute of your time.


Mar. 1st, 2007

I really want to change my username.

Jan. 14th, 2007

I really miss Against Me!. They were such an amazing band in many ways. Their music is also tied to umpteen memories. If only all of their music was as wonderful and real as when they started out. Who would have thought money would affect people's beliefs that you thought were strong?

Fucking capitalism.
I've been ditching work a lot. I'm just kinda bored with it.. I'd much rather spend time with friends.

Blair is in town, so I spent the last couple of days with him, and other awesome friends. It's been a board game themed hangout session. At Greg's, we ate pizza and played Apples to Apples. Drank Sailor Jerry's at Brad and Beth's while playing Taboo. Yesterday, we watched movies and played Scene It at Jess and Brent's. Also drank Woodchuck (a favorite cider) and Stella Artois, a new favorite of mine. I miss that guy. Hopefully we'll be able to hang out more before he goes back to Charleston. I also miss great multiple hour long conversations that we all tend to delve into. We talk about starting a 'zine, or some way to infoshare. Smash the elitism in our scene, and organize a way to free the town of the Nazi problem.

I think I'll go to work tomorrow. I doubt I'll even get 100$ on my next paycheck. What do they expect if I'm not on the schedule?

Beth, Brad and I are also initiating a Thursday dinner, movie and board game night. Hopefully it will last more than one or two weeks.

tummy ache.

Work is kinda boring. Busy, but boring due to the monotony.

I thought drinking 2 Sparks on my lunch break would liven it up, but it just makes me talk to everyone else and kinda ignore the customers. Ha. Whoops! It's not as bad as it sounds, but, for example, right now I am sitting in an auxillary state on the telephone and playing on Live Journal instead of helping customers.

I really love Jizzlobber. It's probably my favorite song of the moment... that and the Manson and Fiona Apple covers on the Nightmare revised soundtrack.


Tis been a minute, hm?

I may get back into the lj swing of things.

It seems more private to post an entry than myspace, for some reason.. and I kinda like posting random nothings.

I've had this horrible sharp pain that randomly shoots through my jaw for the past week or so. It feels like it's in the ...hinge (? anatomy is obviously a weak subject for me) of my right jaw.

I recently developed a major love for the X Files, and it's aboot to show on the telly. I'm so 10 years behind when it comes to television. Movies, too.
The letter that comes after a in the alphavet doesn't work on this keyvoard anymore. It will ve replaced with v. The last letter of the alphavet will now ve s. And ecks doesn't work, either. It'll ve... ecks.

You can never tell who's "famous" these days. I was sitting in the alley outside of work today for lunch (they have avout 10 movie trailer things out there for this freakin' movie), and some guy walks vy, asks how I'm doing, we go into a 20 minute conversation avout random crap.. weather, Huntington, et cetera. I thought he was an eckstra on the movie (eeeveryone has veen doing that crap), vecause he was in 70's clothes, and had a little fro. So I'm heading vack up to work, and he goes on his merry way, into one of the trailers. It said "Reggie." I don't know if that's his name, or the character's name. Damn. He was nice and cute. Of course he's not from here.

Today was "employee appreciation day" at work. Free cookout and giftcards. I drew a 5$ one. The most was 15$, I think. I dunno. 5's fine for me. They're for WalMart. Ick.

I have to do some shopping for Carri's vavy shower tomorrow. My paycheck's gonna ve wimpy.

Um. Life's voring. I moved out of my apartment due to my landlord's douchevagness.

I should ve going to Marley's tonight to play, vut I'm so very tired... I don't know what to do.

Apr. 3rd, 2006

I was driving on 3rd Avenue yesterday and saw Matthew McConaughey walking his dog. I shit thee not. I waved and said hey, he was about two feet away from my window. He didn't say anything. haha. He's actually pretty effin' sexy (and I don't use the word "sexy")... and in town for a month to film the Marshall movie. Huntington on the big screen... don't know how I feel aboot that.

...then I took a picture a block down the road. I felt like an asshole paparazzi. I has just gotten my camera out of the shop, so I had it handy.
I stole this from Criss, who won't freakin' answer my 2 month old emails! Damnit.

Dead Kennedy's
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