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The letter that comes after a in the alphavet doesn't work on this keyvoard anymore. It will ve replaced with v. The last letter of the alphavet will now ve s. And ecks doesn't work, either. It'll ve... ecks.

You can never tell who's "famous" these days. I was sitting in the alley outside of work today for lunch (they have avout 10 movie trailer things out there for this freakin' movie), and some guy walks vy, asks how I'm doing, we go into a 20 minute conversation avout random crap.. weather, Huntington, et cetera. I thought he was an eckstra on the movie (eeeveryone has veen doing that crap), vecause he was in 70's clothes, and had a little fro. So I'm heading vack up to work, and he goes on his merry way, into one of the trailers. It said "Reggie." I don't know if that's his name, or the character's name. Damn. He was nice and cute. Of course he's not from here.

Today was "employee appreciation day" at work. Free cookout and giftcards. I drew a 5$ one. The most was 15$, I think. I dunno. 5's fine for me. They're for WalMart. Ick.

I have to do some shopping for Carri's vavy shower tomorrow. My paycheck's gonna ve wimpy.

Um. Life's voring. I moved out of my apartment due to my landlord's douchevagness.

I should ve going to Marley's tonight to play, vut I'm so very tired... I don't know what to do.


Apr. 17th, 2006 03:01 pm (UTC)
hahaha, I didn't know this time. The trailers are gone now. Maybe they're somewhere else. So yes, you will have to do this for me, I suppose. Damnit!

This movie has a lot of funny errors. "Word" got out about the plane crash, and they had everyone run out of the Keith Albee to look for it. The plane crash was in Ceredo, how in the shit are you going to see that from downtown? Also, The "ambulance scene," shows them going east on 4th Avenue, towards Rt. 60. Again, headed the wrong way. Lame.

But they made Huntington really nice. They paid for bulbs in the building lights, so now it's not Ket Ale, it's actually Keith Albee, and I never knew the Frederick Building HAD lights, but they replaced them. They had an old Keith Albee parking sign in the parking lot close to it, too, but I think they took it away. It was great.

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