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I've been ditching work a lot. I'm just kinda bored with it.. I'd much rather spend time with friends.

Blair is in town, so I spent the last couple of days with him, and other awesome friends. It's been a board game themed hangout session. At Greg's, we ate pizza and played Apples to Apples. Drank Sailor Jerry's at Brad and Beth's while playing Taboo. Yesterday, we watched movies and played Scene It at Jess and Brent's. Also drank Woodchuck (a favorite cider) and Stella Artois, a new favorite of mine. I miss that guy. Hopefully we'll be able to hang out more before he goes back to Charleston. I also miss great multiple hour long conversations that we all tend to delve into. We talk about starting a 'zine, or some way to infoshare. Smash the elitism in our scene, and organize a way to free the town of the Nazi problem.

I think I'll go to work tomorrow. I doubt I'll even get 100$ on my next paycheck. What do they expect if I'm not on the schedule?

Beth, Brad and I are also initiating a Thursday dinner, movie and board game night. Hopefully it will last more than one or two weeks.

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